The Long Road Society Record Subscription Package

The Long Road Society Record Subscription Package

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With the record subscription package you are investing in the future of our label and the artists we support! In purchasing your subscription, you will receive records valued at what you have paid. As a subscriber, you will also receive our records in advance of their release, with special bonuses!

You can expect the following if you order The Long Road Society Subscription Package -

  • One (1) additional full length vinyl LP sent to your doorstep prior to public release. 
  • Special surprises in your packages
  • Emails of gratitude with free links to mixes from our family of DJs & selectors
  • Love and appreciation
The record packages will show up at your doorstep randomly, and hopefully when you least expect it. The record subscription is for approximately 18 months, our timeline for getting our artists' records in your hands. If you purchase the subscription package after we've begun releasing albums, we will send you any records that have been previously released!

You can expect the five (5) of the following releases, in no particular order: Kit Center & The Hollow BonesDesiree CannonSitka SunAviva le Fey, Dawn RidingMoses Cadillac, and a Run With The Moon Compilation.