If you ended up on this page, we are very grateful for your interest and consideration of being a part of The Long Road Society record label. The Long Road Society Subscription Package is a way to purchase records from our label now, before they are ready for distribution, to help support the label in its early stages and the artists that we are representing. Think of it like a "Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)" model, only for records. You pay the money in advance, so that you receive the fruits and vegetables when they are ready to be harvested. We have two subscription options below for your consideration, both of which include the upcoming Sitka Sun release (Sept 2020) plus two more LPs in 2020/2021, as well as the new book from Morgan "Moman" Nixon on 50s & 60s rhythm & blues (Winter 2020). 

The packages also come with some special subscriber-only releases! Thank you for joining us on the long road. We hope you find it as fun and rewarding as we do. Feel free to email us for more details at